Summer Camp Scholarships

2013 FCS Summer Camp FairFreeport Community Services Summer Camp Scholarships are awarded based on need and availability each year for local and residential camp programs. Applications for camp scholarships are available here.

For more information contact Sarah Lundin at 865-3985 x 205.

Download our Summer Camp Scholarship Directory here.

A Summer Camp Story:


These are the words of a Freeport High School junior who has been going to summer camp through the FCS camp program for almost 9 years. “My three best friends are from Camp Susan Curtis and we get together during the year.” Most of her years have been spent at Camp Susan Curtis and she has completed two summers of LIT (leadership training) and next summer will be a CIT going for 9 weeks. “I can’t wait!” She told us she has taken her new self-confidence into her school year and “can put myself out there now.” Her favorite areas of summer camp are Arts and Crafts and the Ropes Course.

Future plan includes going into Nursing and becoming a Camp Nurse! This young woman is a great testimony to the potential strength and high self esteem a child can realize from summer camp.

Summer Camp Scholarships
Teens paddle with Seaspray Kayaking from Winslow Park in Freeport.